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Accredited Services

In 2002 and subsequently in 2018 the Czech Accreditation Institute awarded the Certificate of Accreditation to the PIB in which the status of accredited testing site is recognised to the testing laboratory for carrying certain mechanical, analytical and special material tests the list of which is in the following table:

Test procedure /
method name
​Test procedure /
method identification
1​ Determination of tensile properties ČSN EN ISO 527-1,-2,-3;
ČSN EN 12814-2,-4,-6;
ČSN EN ISO 6259-1​
​2 ​Determination of flexural properties ČSN EN ISO 178; ČSN EN 12814-1​ plastics
​3 Determination of compressive properties ČSN EN ISO 604​ ​plastics
​4 Determination of impact strength by Charpy method ČSN EN ISO179-1,-2 ​plastics
​5 Determination of impact strength by Izod method ČSN EN ISO 180​ ​plastics
​6 Determination of properties at multiaxial impact loading ČSN EN ISO 6603-1,-2 ​plastics
Determination of indentation hardness by means of a durometer (Shore hardness)
ČSN EN ISO 868 ​plastics,
Determination of hardness - ball indentation method
ČSN EN ISO 2039-1​ ​plastics
​9 Determination of temperature of deflection under load ČSN EN ISO75-1,-2 ​plastics
​10 Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST) ČSN EN ISO 306​ ​plastics
​11 Determination of coefficient of linear thermal expansion ČSN 64 0528 (except p. 5.5, 6.4) ​plastics
​12 Determination of density of non-expanded plastics - immersion method ČSN EN ISO 1183-1 (method A) ​plastics
​13 Determination of resistance to slow propagation of crack (PENT) ISO 16241 ​plastics
​14 Determination of environmental stress cracking by full-notch creep test (FNCT) ISO 16770
ČSN EN 12814-3
ASTM D 5397
​15 Determination of melting and crystallization temperature and enthalpy, including kinetics of crystallization by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), determination of “drift molecular parameter τ” by calculation  ČSN EN ISO 11357-1,-3,-7
Method of PIB PP 15
​16 Reserved
​17 Macroscopic evaluation of weld quality in thermoplastic materials ČSN EN 12814-5 ​plastics
​18 Determination of ash content (content of glass and mineral binder) in plastics by gravimetry ČSN EN ISO 3451-1,-4
ČSN EN ISO 1172​
Determination of water content (moisture) - Karl Fischer method
ČSN EN ISO 15512 (method B2)
​20 Determination of emissions of organic compounds by gas chromatography (GC/FID, GC/MS) PV 3341 ​plastics, textiles, vehicle interior parts
​21 Determination of hardness – Rockwell hardness ČSN EN ISO 2039-2​ plastics​
​22 Determination of burning behaviour of vehicle interior materials ČSN ISO 3795
DIN 75 200​, TL 1010
​​plastics, vehicle interior parts
​23 Reserved
​24 Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics ČSN EN ISO 1133-1
ČSN EN ISO 1133-2
​25 Determination of formaldehyde emissions in vehicle interior materials by spectrophotometry PV 3925 ​plastics, textiles, vehicle interior parts
​26 Determination of the viscosity of polymers by capillary viscosimeter
ČSN EN ISO 1628-1
ISO 1628-4,-5
​27 Reserved
​28 ​Reserved
​29 Reserved
​30 Reserved
​31 Static puncture test (CBR test) ČSN EN ISO 12236; ASTM D 4833​ ​​plastics
​32 Determination of oxidation induction time (OIT) by differential scanning calorimetry ČSN EN 728; ČSN EN ISO 11357-1​,-6 ​​plastics
​33 Determination of the content of glass fibres, soot and inorganic fillers in polymers by thermogravimetric method ČSN EN ISO11358-1 ​​plastics
​34 Reserved
​35 Determination of odour of vehicle interior parts PV 3900 plastics, textiles, vehicle interior parts
​36 Determination of plastic part resistance to damage by test ball impact PV 3905 plastics
​37 Determination of plastic part resistance to whitening after test ball impact PV 3966 plastics
​38 Determination of plastic part behaviour at elevated or reduced temperatures without load DIN 53497, method of PIB PP 38 B plastics
​39 Detection of defects by microscopic evaluation of microtome sections Method of PIB PP 39 plastics
​40 Fogging test PV 3015 plastics, textiles, vehicle interior parts
​41 Determination of HALS type UV stabilizers by chromatographic method Method of PIB PP 41 polyolefins

The lists of valid Certificates of Accreditation and Accredited Tests are also situated at the Czech Accreditation Institute web


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