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Laboratories of separation methods

Chromatographic methods (GC/MS, GLC, HPLC) are used for:

  • ​identification and determination of stabilisers and other additives in plastics as well as their transformation products (PP, PE, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonates, PVC)
  • analyses of deposits formed during plastics processing
  • identification of bad odour volatile organic compounds using head-space technique technique (static and dynamic) in connection with closed loop stripping analysis and head-space analysis with gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy
  • determination of trace impurities in monomers (CO, CO2, AsH3, PH3, H2S, COS, mercaptans, alcohols, ketones)
  • determination of residual monomers and other volatile compounds in plastics using head-space technique with gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy (closed loop static and dynamic stripping analysis)
  • analyses of oils, waxes, solvents and emulsifiers
  • analyses of paint thinners
  • gas analyses
  • water analyses
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