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    Scale Production of Specialties


    This product range consists of filled materials, special composite materials, flame retardant compounds, colour concentrates and additive masterbatches (stabiliser, antistatic, nucleation, slip agents, filler, etc.). The modification and colouring of plastics is carried out on twin- or single-screw extruders enabling the compounding of a variety of resins, such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PC and PET. The volume of one shipment may vary from several kilograms to several tons.

    The basic product range is offered under the following trade names:


    Colour concentrates of inorganic and organic pigments and/or dyes. Colour matching is carried out according to RAL, PANTONE, CNS colour scales or to the particular requirement of the customer.

    Carrier resins for colour concentrates

    The selection of a suitable carrier is dependent on the properties of the material being finally used at the converting stage. Presently, the concentrates are available at PIB for colouring of commodity polyolefins (PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PP, EPDM). Besides this, concentrates for colouring polystyrenes (PS, PS-SB and ABS) are made as well as those suitable for most common engineering plastics (PA, PC, POM, PET, PBT, PUR and TPE). In all these cases the selection of a suitable carrier resin is made with regard to the technology used for converting, the final goal being optimum pigment dispersion in the final article.

    Properties of colour concentrates

    When optimising the pigment selection the desirable properties of the final article are the main criterion to be taken into account. So, requirements of pigment weathering resistance and colour fastness or food contact approval have to be considered.

    There is long experience and accumulated expertise in the field of colour matching at PIB. In addition to this, there is a modern Datacolor equipment available for colour matching operations. Our colourists are thus ready to fulfill the most demanding tasks based on customer requirements and to formulate the colour concentrate composition fully respecting the conditions of final application, colour shade, material and its processing conditions.

    Colour masterbatches M-COLOR® - data sheet


    Stabiliser masterbatches (UV and Thermo) are used for increasing the resistance of plastics against thermo-oxidative and UV degradation.

    MAKROSTAB® THERMO are masterbatches containing antioxidants intended to improve the processing, long-term heat or other, special, thermo-oxidative stability of the polymer.

    MAKROSTAB® UV are stabiliser masterbatches used for increasing the UV stability of polymer. Their application is recommended in all cases where the basic stabilisation from the resin producer is insufficient for a given application.

    The MAKROSTAB® masterbatches represent a simple and efficient solution to the additional stabilisation of polymer at its last stage of conversion. They are successfully used in all processing technologies, e.g. injection and blow molding, tape extrusion or fiber production.

    MAKROSTAB® - standard range


    Flame retarded masterbatches (MAKROFLAM FR) and flame retardant compounds are based on PE, PP, EVA copolymer or other resins, such as ABS and PS (MAKROFLAM). The reduced flammability effect is achieved either by adding classical (i.e. halogenated) or halogen free flame retardants using combinations and levels which assure the compliance of resulting material with the standards to be met for a given application.

    MAKROFLAM® - standard range


    These masterbatches are based on different additives depending on the final effect desired:

    A antistatic agent

    reduces surface resistance, thus lowering the possibility of static charge formation on the polymer surface.

    F filler

    composite material based on specially surface treated mineral filler dispersed in PE or PP matrix.

    L lubricant

    facilitates the plastics converting operations at various technological stages.

    N nucleating agent

    influences significantly the rate of crystallisation and size of spherulites.

    RA demoulding and lubricant agent

    decreases adhesion to metal surfaces and eases demoulding.


    serves for increasing film surface roughness and thus limits the slippage of stored bags on each other.


    concentrate of prodegradants and hydrophillic agent accelerating oxo degradation of HDPE a PP.


    MAKROCORR® concentrate contains contact and vapour pressure anticorrosion system (VCI) determined to increase anticorrosion protection of plastic packaging materials predominantly made of polyolefins (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE). Packaging articles containing MAKROCORR® protect products made of:

    • iron and its alloys
    • aluminium and its alloys
    • zinc
    • copper
    • brass


    THERMOBREAK® is a specialty preparation designed as extruder protection during production breaks. Prevents formation of burn-ins inside a cylinder and considerably reduces the time-period necessary for its purging. Considerably reduces the purging time and enhances economy of production. Available on PP or LDPE carrier matrix.


    MAKROPORE® is a concentrate of chemical blowing agent for thermoplastics.


    MAKROCLEAN® is a pelletized cleaning agent for various types of processing machines.


    MAKROBRITE is an optical brighteners masterbatch. Recommended for the polymers applied for the natural and light-colour pigmented products. Considerably enhances the optical effect of the end product and makes it remarkable.

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